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Season 10 | Ep 16: Driving Miss Kim
FIRST AIRED: Mar 18 8/7c | TV-14

The ladies' return home from Barcelona with the drama not too far behind. NeNe and Kim face off on social media over the controversial video Kim sent to all the ladies during their trip. Meanwhile, Porsha shakes off her Spain sorrows by preparing for her upcoming play, and Kandi is confronted with an uncomfortable decision regarding her group, Xscape’s tour. Things reach a boiling point as Kandi and Kim sit down for the first time in years and in a turn of events, NeNe faces one of the worst weeks.

Season 2 | Ep 9: Summer Should Be Fun!
FIRST AIRED: Mar 12 11/10c

Kyle and Amanda’s relationship feels the strain of existing in the house while Lindsay attempts to get her single summer back on track and Lauren moves on from Carl with a few new prospects. Back from Alabama, Stephen is ready to take his fling more seriously but struggles with mixed signals and Carl asks for permission to let a new love interest spend the night.

Season 6 | Ep 15:
FIRST AIRED: Mar 19 9/8c
Season 15 | Stassi Schroeder & Brittany Cartwright
FIRST AIRED: Mar 19 11/10c
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Season 1 | Days Of Our Lives
FIRST AIRED: Mar 20 12/11c
Madison is impressed with Sami juggling kids and career and asks Sami to be the head of Mad World's new line of cosmetics aimed at working mothers. Rafe finds out that one of the orderly's at the clinic remembers seeing John. Rafe figures the orderly wasn't paid off because he took a leave of absence right after John's procedure. Rafe shares the information with Carrie and she books a flight to question the orderly in person. John sees all the evidence against him and doesn't think anyone will think he is innocent in court.
Season 1 | Days Of Our Lives
FIRST AIRED: Mar 20 12/11c
Maggie remembers that the clinic she stored her eggs at was sold and she opted to keep them in storage at the place that bought them out. Maggie finds the name but when they call the line has been disconnected. They later find out that the company never existed and the building had been a vacate lot for years. Bo and Hope return to the lawyer and demand more answers. Abe and Lexie are having dinner with John and Marlena when someone throws a brick through the window. John decides to make a public statement proclaiming his innocence.
Season 10 | Ep 12: Unfinished Business
FIRST AIRED: Jan 25 9/8c

The Brits host a luxurious open house for their $45 million dollar Bel Air listing, and sparks fly when Flagg and Altman come face to face. Madison gets creative in selling a Malibu Country home, while Flagg and Bobby tie the knot in Beverly Hills.

Season 1 | Ep 3: Splitting at the Seams
FIRST AIRED: Jan 31 10/9c | TV-14

Family owned apparel company, NewMe, has hopes of revolutionizing the modest clothing fashion scene, but without Tabatha’s help, their family drama may rip their dreams apart at the seams. With a mother-daughter design team at odds with their business partner/son/brother, tempers are frayed and no one is happy.

Season 2 | Laurence Zwirn & Andrew Stern
FIRST AIRED: Feb 26 10/9c

Patti has two extreme opposites this week with her millionaire clients. Laurence Zwirn is a 39-year-old owner and CEO of the vitamin company, Nature’s Purest, and a total extrovert who says whatever is on his mind. Andrew Stern is a gorgeous, 34-year-old advertising executive who recently started an Internet company called Rip Lounge, and an introvert who never approaches girls on his own, a major flaw in Patti’s opinion.

At the office, when Rachel, Destin’s girlfriend, doesn’t bring the right girls in for the recruiting session, Patti makes her staff go back to the drawing board. Tensions are high at Millionaires Club as Rachel, Destin and Chelsea have to start from scratch.

At the mixer, Andrew was able to finally come out of his shell and talk to the girls and choose two for his mini date – but one of them just happens to be the same girl Laurence picked. Which millionaire will the girl end up going out with?

Andrew took his date on a hike in the Brentwood Hills with champagne and a picnic, while Laurence took his date shopping for an outfit to wear to Nic’s, a bar and restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Season 2 | Ep 11: Bittersweet 16
FIRST AIRED: Jun 25 10/9c

It's the end of a long football season and unfortunately The Falcons didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, which leaves the Biermanns free to go to Turks and Caicos on a much-needed family vacation. Kim works on reconnecting with her daughters who have been feeling shoved aside since the two new kids came along, and Kroy takes the opportunity to smooth things over with Brielle before the family goes to court to finalize the girls’ adoption.

Season 2 | Ep 12: The Biermann Bunch
FIRST AIRED: Jun 25 10:30/9:30c

The Biermanns head to court, but this time it’s for a happy occasion -– the girls’ adoption is ready to be finalized, and with the near completion of their new house, the family is looking forward to finally getting settled. But settling into a routine may be far from reality when Kim and Kroy start thinking that their dream of having a little girl may come true sooner than they expected.

Season 3 | Ep 15: The Real Housewives of Paris, Part Un
FIRST AIRED: Feb 25 8/7c

Prompted by a disturbing phone call earlier, Kim and Kyle confront Taylor about using alcohol as a crutch. Taylor then turns down a group trip to Paris in order to spend time with her daughter. The rest of the ladies, however, jet off to the City of Lights for fun and fireworks. They’re worried, however, when Kim is late then acts increasingly strange, in a way reminiscent of her life before rehab. Lisa and Ken also take a side trip to San Tropez, where they reunite with Ken's grown son and his much-older wife, who was once a friend of Lisa's.

Season 3 | Ep 16: The Real Housewives of Paris, Part Deux
FIRST AIRED: Mar 4 8/7c

The women explore Paris: jogging by the Seine, shopping on the Champs Elysee, and visiting Notre Dame cathedral. But when Kim is late for a cooking class, they fear something terrible has happened. Kim is irritated by Lisa's possibly faux concern and encourages Kyle to confront Lisa about their troubled friendship -- which she does, on top of the Eiffel Tower.

Season 3 | Ep 17: No Business Like Clothes Business
FIRST AIRED: Mar 11 8/7c

The ladies' trip to Paris wraps up with a boat ride down the Seine River, and an unlikely bond forming between Kim and Brandi. Back in Beverly Hills, Lisa begins planning her housewarming party/vow renewal with flamboyant party planner Kevin Lee, and Kyle scurries to prepare for her boutique opening. In a changing room during the big event, Kyle and Kim discuss Kim's erratic behavior in Paris, and Kyle wonders if she'll ever be able to trust Kim's sobriety.

Season 3 | Ep 18: A Shot Through the Heart
FIRST AIRED: Mar 18 8/7c

Adrienne throws an eye-popping party to launch her new vodka line, but her relationship with Paul worsens, even as Paul tries to impress her by dressing up as a tree. News of their separation reaches the shocked women as they head toward Lisa's housewarming party/vow renewal. Drama develops quickly, as Brandi confronts Marisa about talking behind her back. Things get uglier when Brandi's enemy Faye interrupts. Trouble is clearly about to ensue.

Season 3 | Ep 19: Finale
FIRST AIRED: Mar 25 8/7c

While Lisa prepares to renew her vows after thirty years of marriage, her housewarming party plummets downhill. Faye picks a fight with Lisa, and when all the ladies get involved, Lisa realizes Kyle will never have her back. Kyle is not safe from Kim's ire either, but luckily Lisa and Ken's vow renewal ceremony interrupts the drama for one lovely moment. And when a tearful Adrienne shows up, on the very day her separation has been announced, some of the women stand behind her, while some are not as sympathetic.

Season 3 | Ep 20: Reunion Part 1
FIRST AIRED: Mar 25 9/8c

In the Reunion Part One, the women gather with Andy Cohen to discuss the year, settle old scores, and clear the air. . .but Adrienne Maloof's decision not to attend sparks the initial controversy -- and leads to a shocking announcement. Other surprises are revealed in this hour: Yolanda felt unwelcome when she joined the group, Taylor admits to drinking too much, and Lisa and Kyle's touchy relationship becomes even more dramatic when Yolanda, Kim, and Brandi step in with their take on the battle.

Season 3 | Ep 21: Reunion Part 2
FIRST AIRED: Apr 1 8/7c

Still on their hot seats, Lisa and Kyle wrap up a painful discussion about their relationship -- with little resolution. The group dishes about the shocking allegations followed Adrienne and Paul's divorce, while Mauricio explains his passionate stance in the Brandi/Adrienne conflict. And despite three seasons of a reality show (and being sisters their whole lives), there is still anguish and tears as Kim and Kyle discuss Kim's first year of sobriety, and the difficulty Kyle has in trusting her.

Season 8 | Ep 12: Gag Gift
FIRST AIRED: Mar 6 9/8c | TV-14

Erika is surprised by her own emotions as her Hollywood journey comes full circle. The women attend Camille’s charity event, where Teddi’s motives are brought into question. Dorit tries her best to repair her relationship with Lisa Vanderpump, but ends up experiencing a side of Lisa she’s never seen before.  And at Lisa Vanderpump’s birthday party, Camille attempts to silence Dorit once and for all.

Season 8 | Beverly Hills Social
FIRST AIRED: Mar 20 12/11c
Season 8 | Ep 14: Heaven Knows
FIRST AIR DATE: Mar 20 9/8c

After her explosive encounter with Erika, Teddi worries about seeing her at Lisa Rinna's luncheon. Kyle’s séance conjures up some unexpected guests, but the group gets a bigger shock when Erika reveals information about her past. Lisa Vanderpump is struck by sudden tragedy at home.

Season 1 | Bethenny & Fredrik
FIRST AIRED: Mar 20 12/11c
With Bethenny and Fredrik's renovation coming to an end, they prepare to put the apartment on the market. Fredrik celebrates the pending arrival of his twins. And the pressure is on as Bethenny and Fredrik's design choices are put on display at their first open house together.
Season 1 | Bethenny & Fredrik
FIRST AIRED: Mar 13 12/11c
Bethenny and Fredrik are forced to kick into high gear in order to meet their renovation deadline. Fredrik flexes his construction muscles while both shop for a porcelain throne. With time running out, Bethenny and Fredrik hope the apartment can be staged and finished in time.
Season 15 | Erika Jayne & RuPaul
FIRST AIR DATE: Mar 20 11/10c
Season 8 | Ep 14: Heaven Knows
FIRST AIR DATE: Mar 20 9/8c

After her explosive encounter with Erika, Teddi worries about seeing her at Lisa Rinna's luncheon. Kyle’s séance conjures up some unexpected guests, but the group gets a bigger shock when Erika reveals information about her past. Lisa Vanderpump is struck by sudden tragedy at home.