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Married to Medicine

Reunion Part 2

S5/EP17 | Aired:
March 16, 2018
Andy welcomes the husbands to tell their side of the story. Cecil explains himself and makes surprising claims about another woman; Eugene defends himself against Toya's sex rating; Curtis answers for his misdeeds, but has harsh words for Eugene. (00:00)
Married to Medicine

Reunion Part 1

S5/EP16 | Aired:
March 9, 2018
Host Andy Cohen reflects on some of the biggest moments as the ladies come together in part one of the explosive three-part Reunion. Toya is put on the hot seat. Mariah dishes her grievances with Heavenly, leading to a dramatic confrontation. (43:24)
Married to Medicine

In the Black

S5/EP15 | Aired:
March 2, 2018
Toya and Eugene celebrate paying off their tax debt by throwing an In the Black Party. Jackie and Curtis go through some growing pains. Contessa has some unfinished business with Eugene. Things go from bad to worse for Quad and Greg. (43:24)
Married to Medicine

D.N.A D-Day

S5/EP14 | Aired:
February 23, 2018
Heavenly decides to throw a DNA reveal party to make up for her failed couple's therapy. Quad and Greg meet with their marital focus group, but wind up in worse shape than before. Contessa makes an emotional and life changing decision. (43:24)
Married to Medicine

Circle of Truth

S5/EP13 | Aired:
February 16, 2018
Heavenly puts all her energy into leading Couples Therapy. But when she refuses to share her problems, a revolt erupts on the beach! Jackie finally allows herself to be vulnerable with Curtis and the drama between Quad and Greg reaches a new level. (43:24)
Married to Medicine

Island Fever

S5/EP12 | Aired:
February 2, 2018
Heavenly takes Damon on an emotional journey. All the couples get an eye-opening group sex therapy session. There’s trouble on the high seas as a luxury yacht ride heads into stormy waters. Mariah and Simone confront Quad on her selfish behavior. (43:24)

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