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Relative Success with Tabatha

Getting Real-Estate

S1/EP7 | Aired:
March 16, 2018
Real Estate Concierge is a husband and wife business. Despite going to any length to catch a sale, debt is piling up and tensions are mounting. Will Tabatha be able to get this business and marriage back on a stable foundation? (43:24)
Relative Success with Tabatha

Southern Dis-Comfort

S1/EP6 | Aired:
March 9, 2018
Tabatha is answering the prayers of Sweet Dixie Kitchen employees after the children of the owner request her help. Although the food reviews have top marks, the leadership is disgruntled, leaving this restaurant with a lot to lose. (43:24)
Relative Success with Tabatha

Spinning Out Of Control

S1/EP5 | Aired:
March 2, 2018
Sibling owned fitness studio, RPM, seeks Tabatha's help to modernize its business model, but with one sister checked out and the other overwhelmed, tensions are pumped up to an all-time high. They risk losing their business and life savings. (43:24)
Relative Success with Tabatha

Splitting at the Seams

S1/EP3 | Aired:
January 31, 2018
Family owned apparel company, NewMe, has hopes of revolutionizing the modest clothing fashion scene, but without Tabatha’s help, their family drama may rip their dreams apart at the seams. (43:24)
Relative Success with Tabatha

The Family Stone

S1/EP2 | Aired:
January 24, 2018
Tabatha comes to the aid of a family owned jewelry company, Matthew's, and attempts to restore it to its glittering past. But with the owner, Michael Bogosian, having recently passed away, his sons and widow cannot agree on how to run things. (43:24)
Relative Success with Tabatha

Drama, Italian Style

S1/EP1 | Aired:
January 17, 2018
Tabatha comes to the rescue of a family owned pizzeria, D'Amore's, where everyone is fighting over their piece of the pie. After 30 years of hard work, the owner Joe is considering a multi-million dollar offer to take the chain national. (43:24)

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How is RPM Doing Now?
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Relative Success with Tabatha

How is RPM Doing Now?

S1/EP5: Find out if Tabatha Coffey was able to turn this business around.