This Is What Lala Kent Eats on a Private Jet (It's Brilliant)

If this high-low pairing doesn't get you in the mood for vacation, we don't know what will. 

Lala Kent has made her preference for flying private known. But now, the Vanderpump Rules pal is spilling more of her secrets for traveling like a total rock star — and the tips she's dropping are making us crave some guilty-pleasure airport snacks

The hostess recently took to Instagram to share snaps from her trip to South by Southwest. Wearing mirrored Oakley sunglasses and a floral pullover by Gucci, Lala looked equal parts comfy and baller in a private jet. (That's just how she rolls!) Take note of the perfect-for-travel ensemble. And don't worry, it's OK to be a little jealous of Lala's spacious, buttery leather window seat. 

SXSW. Shout out to the dog who bit me and left a cute scar.

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Her next travel snap, presumably from the same trip, showed Lala snacking on a combo that's wrong in just the right way. Not to spoil anything for you, but the image you're about to see contains documentation of Doritos mixed with champagne.

And Lala doesn't even need two fists to pull it off. 

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If this isn't traveling in style, we frankly don't know what is. And we also know what we're ordering off the beverage cart the next time we're in flight. 

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